We Accept American Express!

We accept American Express!

This is not just a simple fact. It tells one an important tale about a merchant or service provider.

Why wouldn’t a company happily accept AMEX payment from the consumer? I’m standing in front of a merchant ready and willing to pay, and I’m told that they don’t take my preferred credit card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Sometimes this message is delivered in a rude manner and I’ll tell you why. Behind in this common business practice rests a subtle contempt for the customer. They will explain and tell you how much more costly the AMEX fees are.  This may be true by one or two percent. But, it sends the wrong message every time – Penny wise and pound foolish – with the burden landing directly in the customers’ laps.

When a vendor denies your AMEX card, think twice about what that really means.

As a business that prides itself in customer service, we want you to know that you can expect that doing business with Indiana Outdoor Lighting will be pleasant experience. From replacing the smallest light bulb to offering a variety of payment options, the words “no we can’t” are not in our company’s vocabulary. We can deliver the most complicated outdoor lighting installation as well as the small servicing needs. No job is too big or too small. After all, your home and landscape and you deserve the best.

Indiana Outdoor Lighting is a small company serving customers with the best value in Landscape Lighting. We will gladly accept your American Express card in payment. Book an appointment today!


All the Best,

Ralph “the light guy”