Quality Product Selection – Your Choice

Being an independent outdoor lighting contractor has its benefits – for me and especially for you the customer. Franchise ownership has its benefits but I would rather be an independent contractor any day!

The best part about being independent is being able to take the time to listen to my customers and work with them to develop an individualized lighting design with equipment that truly meets their vision – without any constraints. The landscape lighting industry offers an enormous variety of quality product lines. I am free to specify product that best meets the customer’s application. For me, it means that I do not have to try to fit a square peg into a round hole.  That large palette is a huge benefit in the design process. Often the result includes exotic fixture designs with a wide range of durable materials – usually not available through a franchise operator.

Just look at the fixtures below. On the far left is an example of a 3/16“ steel beacon with 3D elements; the feature in the middle is a lighted solid stone basalt column and on the right is a more traditional bronze fixture. All of these are produced in the USA. 

So, even if an “exotic style” is not right for your project, we will suggest only products of proven quality with warranties to match! There are no limitations to making your home outdoor lighting dreams become reality. Thank you for considering Indiana Outdoor Lighting. We are proud to be an independent contractor and small Indiana business.