Landscape Lighting with Angie’s List

Today was pretty exciting. I was the “star” of a video interview for Angie’s List. After all, I am a Super Service award winner.

I was told that the video would be posted on the AL website and given to TV station affiliates. I so hope that the video editor is a miracle worker.

The video interview will be published in April 2013. So, here is a preview of today’s Q&A.

How is exterior lighting effective at helping keep a home secure and safe?

Exterior lighting helps to keep a home safe and secure in a couple of ways:  a property that has thoughtful and strategically placed lighting will discourage the criminal element because they prefer to be under the cover of darkness. Exterior lighting also permits safe passage on walkways, paths, steps and driveways.

How important is the placement of exterior lighting for safety and security?

Thoughtfully designed exterior lighting will not only enhance the attractive and architecturally important qualities of the home and will do so without intrusive glare to either the homeowners or their neighbors. Many times a glaring spot light does the exact opposite of its intention: it can be blinding for the homeowner and unintentionally detract from the beauty of the home. Carefully placed lighting with the correct amount of brightness is far more attractive and secure.

What times of lights/control are the most common for security/security?

The newest control systems are affordable and will turn the system on and off as desired even multiple times a day. Those control modules will automatically adjust for dusk/dawn times as well. Lighting from dusk to dawn makes for high value security and high efficiency available at low cost.

Are there exterior lights that homeowners can install themselves? What is the advantage of hiring a professional for this job?

Designing and installing a lighting system to professional standards would require that the average homeowner do quite a bit of research. Some issues include design – the light output beam spread and technique/fixture selection and technical – the corrected voltage, waterproof wire connections and proper circuit loading. A professional lighting designer should be as important to the homeowner as is the architect and builder and should be experienced in collaborating with other contractors. Unless one is a very proficient DIYer, venturing into doing one’s own installation can be quite a challenge.

Anything else you want to add?

A professional exterior lighting designer and installer should be able to offer repairs and enhancements to existing systems as well as completely new systems. The professional design and installation team of Indiana Outdoor Lighting is experienced working in all types of environments and properties. We welcome the opportunity to visit the homes of our customers to exchange ideas for exterior lighting. We offer free demonstration lighting to give the homeowner an idea of “the look and feel” of the lighting design before making any commitments. We guarantee our work and are proud to have received Super Service rating with Angie’s List for the past six years. Let us know how we can serve you.

All the Best, Ralph “the light guy”