Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Even in this shaky economy, you can rely on Indiana Outdoor Lighting. Our company has been serving central Indiana customers since 2004. We pride ourselves in servicing and managing the outdoor lighting systems of all of our customers including those whose systems were originally installed by another company.

Since we began our business, we have witnessed many local lighting companies struggling and finally closing their doors…often with no notice and without informing their customers. Unfortunately, these trusting customers have suffered. It can often be difficult, and a headache, to find a capable outdoor lighting maintenance technician upon whom you can rely. 

Why is it so hard to find someone to perform landscape lighting maintenance?

  • Most electrical companies do not carry the inventory necessary to make repairs quickly and efficiently.
  • Many “lighting” contractors such as landscapers and irrigation companies do not specialize in outdoor lighting. Worse still, many of these contractors have high employee turnover. Because of this, their technicians are not adequately trained to complete quality installations or needed maintenance. Analyzing and solving a lighting problem often takes a higher level of electrical understanding. Troubleshooting and repair can often be complex and requires a contractor whose primarily – and only – focus is on outdoor lighting. That contractor brings the skills, talent and know-how to the job you need, when you need it.

Well, worry no more. Indiana Outdoor Lighting has survived the downturns of the past few years and through it all we have been able to service and assist our customers during these difficult times. We are here to help you keep your home beautiful and secure.

To learn more about our complete line of outdoor lighting service options see our blog post below.

All the best,

Ralph, “the light guy”

FACT: Your lighting system needs a certain amount of periodic maintenance. Under the best of circumstances, fixtures will need to be cleaned, aimed and straightened. In addition, fixtures may need to be moved as plant material grows. Even long lasting LED bulbs have a finite life expectancy. See what is included with the Indiana Outdoor Lighting “Easy Service Plan“.


The owner of a residential lighting system can address the maintenance issue in several different ways.

  • Do-It-yourself. Most of the routine maintenance tasks are simple and easy to do. Indeed, it is easy to change many bulbs yourself. Just be sure that the bulb is the correct wattage. Otherwise, a circuit may become overheated which is hazardous. Also, verify that the bulb has the correct beam spread in order to preserve the original lighting design.
  • Do nothing. Some may find this hard to believe, but I see it often. Home owners spend real money on a quality  lighting system and then simply leave it unattended. The inevitable result is that the system will become an eyesore. Poor choice.
  • Purchase a “Maintenance Plan” from a lighting contractor. These plans often include complete bulb changes annually and various repairs that may be necessary. This type of plan may cost about $20 per fixture annually. Thus, the cost for 20 fixture system would be $400. In my opinion, the downfall of this type of plan is that it will cost either the customer or the contractor too much. Guess who comes up short in an average year?
  • At Indiana Outdoor Lighting, we do things differently. We are happy to provide you with the service your lighting system needs and only what it needs. For example we do not change bulbs that are in good working order nor do we charge you for services that only may become necessary. 

We can perform service as needed upon you call, or schedule checkups periodically. Every 6 months works well for many of our customers. See details of our exclusive “Easy Service Plan“.

I would truly appreciate an opportunity to discuss ways that we may be of service to you!

All the Best,
Ralph, “the light guy”