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  • Great Landscape Lighting / Great Partner in BBBS

    Our customer commitment continues. Again we have received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. That makes consecutive SS Awards since 2006. It makes me happy to be able to thrive while conducting business the right way – making satisfied customers. I have often admired companies who “do things the right way” and give back […]Read More »
  • Angies List Super Service Award

    Dear Friends, Indiana Outdoor Lighting has again earned the sought after “Super Service Award” from Angie’s List. Find the press release below: All the Best, Ralph “the light guy” Indiana Outdoor Lighting Earns Esteemed 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service Indiana Outdoor Lighting has earned the […]Read More »
  • New Landscape Lighting Images

    Hello Everybody, We are proud to announce our 2013 Super Service Award from Angie’s List. This is our eighth straight year to receive this distinction! It takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail to keep Angie so happy. I want to thank my assistant Dustin for his hard work and our customers […]Read More »
  • Landscape Lighting with Angie’s List

    Today was pretty exciting. I was the “star” of a video interview for Angie’s List. After all, I am a Super Service award winner. I was told that the video would be posted on the AL website and given to TV station affiliates. I so hope that the video editor is a miracle worker. The video […]Read More »
  • Comforting Garden Lighting

    What do you see when you look out your back window at night? It can be a beautiful picture of your perennial flowers and other landscape features of interest. Or, do you simply see darkness? Is your pathway well lit? In many ways, the front yard lighting is designed for your visitors and the back […]Read More »
  • Landscape Lighting Maintenance

    Even in this shaky economy, you can rely on Indiana Outdoor Lighting. Our company has been serving central Indiana customers since 2004. We pride ourselves in servicing and managing the outdoor lighting systems of all of our customers including those whose systems were originally installed by another company. Since we began our business, we have witnessed many local lighting […]Read More »
  • Your Home Is The Most Important Place In The World!

    At Indiana Outdoor Lighting, we’re dedicated to creating beautiful and effective lighting designs for your home and landscape. An independent, small business, Indiana Outdoor Lighting is a “hands-on” company which takes pride in producing unique and attractive lighting designs that delight the customer and give long-term satisfaction. No matter the size of your home and […]Read More »
  • Choose the Best Landscape Lighting fixtures. You decide

    Hi friends, it’s Ralph the light guy. I’m back after a busy busy-season. That’s correct, and I am all riled up. Yes it’s true. If you know me, I don’t get riled easily. I understand that one or more of my local competitors actually warn potential customers against using fixtures with MR16 type lamps (bulbs). […]Read More »
  • Quality Product Selection – Your Choice

    Being an independent outdoor lighting contractor has its benefits – for me and especially for you the customer. Franchise ownership has its benefits but I would rather be an independent contractor any day! The best part about being independent is being able to take the time to listen to my customers and work with them […]Read More »
  • We Accept American Express!

    We accept American Express! This is not just a simple fact. It tells one an important tale about a merchant or service provider. Why wouldn’t a company happily accept AMEX payment from the consumer? I’m standing in front of a merchant ready and willing to pay, and I’m told that they don’t take my preferred […]Read More »