Choose the Best Landscape Lighting fixtures. You decide

Hi friends, it’s Ralph the light guy. I’m back after a busy busy-season. That’s correct, and I am all riled up. Yes it’s true. If you know me, I don’t get riled easily.

I understand that one or more of my local competitors actually warn potential customers against using fixtures with MR16 type lamps (bulbs). Instead, they promote PAR 36 type lamps. To ease any technical overload, these fixture types are illustrated below.

  • MR 16 bullet type:


  • PAR 36 well light type:

    Well light

Let’s keep it simple and examine the pros and cons of each type.

MR 16 fixtures pros vs. well lights:

  • More photometric options to give you the look that you want, ie. more different choices for brightness and beam spread.
  • Easier to change lamps (above ground so – no mud and bugs)
  • Less costly to change lamps
  • Fixtures are more compact and elegant
  • New and improving technology. Lamp manufacturers achieve greater lamp life and efficiencies every year. The 40+ year old PAR 36 lamp is a “dead technology”.
  • Unlike well lights, I have never seen an MR 16 fixture start a mulch fire:  FIRE!


Par 36 well lights vs. MR16 fixtures:

  • Can be built by the contractor in his garage. This is exactly how the industry started decades ago when the industry pioneers mounted a tractor headlight (PAR 36 lamp) within a section of 6” diameter sewer pipe.

Isn’t it interesting that both the lowest and highest priced contractors in our area use PAR 36 well lights?

My best customers continue to be those who are the most informed. Thank you.

I feel better now.

Ralph – the light guy